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Up to 75,000 sq. ft. Brand New Flex Space to be Constructed in Stroudsburg, PA

The two unmarked buildings in the photo on the right are flex space buildings that are ready to be built to suit your businesses needs. Each building has a 37,500 square foot footprint. The interiors can be as large as 37,500 square feet for a single tenant or as small as 4,000 square feet in a multi-tenant situation. The prospective buildings reside on the same parcel of land as Dein Properties’ manufacturing sister company, Fabricated Components, Inc. on busy route 209 (Stroudsburg’s Main St.).

Same Market, Less Cost

According to Robert Deinarowicz, Jr., President of Fabricated Components, Inc., Stroudsburg / Monroe County is an ideal location to grow a business. Having moved Fabricated Components to Stroudsburg from Wharton, NJ in 1997, Deinarowicz can speak first hand to the efficiencies that businesses can experience by relocating to Monroe County, PA. From a less costly tax structure, to less expensive real-estate and labor, the savings are real, immediate, and available to all the businesses in New York and New Jersey. “These savings come at almost no cost except the cost to move”, says Deinarowicz.

Location Location Location

To be sure, there’s no avoiding a business’s requirement to have a great location, regardless of what type of business it is. To often though, great locations come with huge price tags. This flex space however, has the best of both worlds. This is an opportunity to occupy brand new space built specifically to meet your business’s need at a very affordable price.

Because this location is on busy route 209 just one mile from Interstate 80 and only several miles from the New Jersey border (Delaware Water Gap), businesses sacrifice next to nothing in terms of convenience and proximity to the major metro areas of New York and New Jersey.

Land to Spare

Dein Properties has the capital, influence, and commitment to develop this space for your business. This parcel of land is nearly thirty acres; all of which is zoned industrial / commercial. If you love this location, but the buildings rendered here don’t meet your needs, call us anyway. We want to hear your needs because together we can consider ways to optimize the land and location here to help your business thrive.

We’re not real-estate brokers, we’re investors and business people. We get it. We’ll use our knowledge and experience with real-estate AND operating businesses to help you relocate your business.